Internet TV with channel archive


  • 12 years of excellent job
  • Ukrainian, Latvian, Russian and other channels, including HD and 4K channels
  • 2 weeks broadcasts archive and movie library
  • Modern technologies. Adaptation to your Internet. Watch even on mobile.
  • Streaming TV anywhere and on any device.
  • New generation technology - X-Flow for modern TVs up to 8K
Переходите на выгодных условиях!

При переходе на Новое ТВ от другого провайдера IPTV мы компенсируем неиспользованные месяцы и добавим еще месяц в подарок (но не больше 6 месяцев суммарно).

Акция распространяется на пакет Полный и Премиум.

Остались вопросы? Наши менеджеры всегда рады ответить по телефону или в чате онлайн-консультанта.

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Novoe TV tariffs


  • All channels
  • SD
  • Multilogin
  • 14-day media library
  • Video library
  • No HD channels

1 month

€ 10

1 year

€ 99

€ 8,2 /mo


  • All channels
  • SD+HD
  • Multilogin
  • 14-day media library
  • Video library
  • No 4K channels

1 month

€ 14

1 year

€ 139

€ 11,5 /mo

Free console


  • All channels
  • SD+HD Premium+4K
  • Multilogin
  • 14-day media library
  • Video library
  • X-Flow

1 month

€ 16

1 year

€ 159

€ 13,2 /mo

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Watch Novoe TV at you leasure:


with any device with an Internet connection

Stream on the TV ONLINE page on the NovoeTV website with your login and password.

Online TV is available to all customers who have already purchased a subscription package.

On Smart TV Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips etc, including models 2020-2023!

Search for "novoe tv", select the icon "Novoe TV" and download the application.

For detailed instructions how to configure the application, see Technical Support page.


On your console TV

Just connect to your TV set and console with installed software (plug-in) and enter your login and password. We support HD45 ULTRA, MAG 250, Dune 102w and Samsung Smart TV.

Detailed instructions and download links for NOVOE TV plug-ins for various types of consoles can be found at Technical Support page.

On mobiles and tablets with Android OS

Install our app and watch Novoe TV on your mobile device by registering for a free trial. If you have a tablet, DOWNLOAD PLUG-IN .

For instructions on how to coonect to Novoe TV, visit our Technical Support page.

Any questions? Call us via web for free:


Sales Department

Mon - Fri from 09:00 till 21:00
Sat, Sun from 09:00 till 20:00

Technical Support

from 09:00 till 23:00

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